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How do I Access UltraAlgo

We offer customers access to multiple platforms (UltraAlgo, TradingView, TradeStation). Upon registration all customers are granted access to the UltraAlgo platform through the "Members" portal (Link). The UltraAlgo Platform is a complete brokerage solution which includes: Charting, Real-Time Data (NYSE / NASDAQ / OTC), Trading Algorithms, Backtesting, Heatmaps, News and more. Detailed documentation is also provided to the email address used to register the account.

We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

▶️UltraAlgo Platform

How do I Access TradingView Script

Upon registration, customers are required to provide their TradingView usernames. In order to view the script, customers will need to access the "Invite-only script" section in the chart function. Please go to Tradingview.com, from there select the "Chart" Tab at the top of the screen where you'll be re-directed to the Chart function. Next step is to select the "Indicators" tab at the top of the screen. Here you will now see the "Invite-only Scripts" displayed, select "UltraAlgo w/Alerts". We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

▶️TradingView Platform

UltraAlgo Reviews & Comparison

Understand how to compare trading indicators, scripts, strategies for algorithmic data. We review UltraAlgo to understand more about Brokerage Integration, Real-Time Data, Algorithmic Trading, Screener and Optimization Functions.

We currently offer a diverse portfolio of tools (platforms, algo indicators, strategies, strategy optimizers, and portfolio allocation) across various platforms (R, TradingView, TradeStation and Optimizer) depending on the individual requirements of the customer. All the tools are designed with retail trading in consideration, but also capable of executing across the most demanding of institutional specifications.

Back-testing is core to all of our products. Our team is lead by experienced High Frequency Traders who have built complex trade order management and execution systems for Tier 1 Banks along with Hedge Funds. Predictability and consistency can only be achieved when traders have insights into historical trading trends.

Our lastest platform release leverages the power of genetic algorithms in combination with our robust 15-indicator script to identify patterns quickly with accuracy. Run through thousands of input combinations for a clear indication of which settings delivered optimal profitability rates or profit factor. We include both models of optimization, should a trader be focused on a high return / high risk vs lower returns / lower risk allocation strategy.

We recommend watching the video listed below to understand how the product compares to other providers / solutions.

▶️UltraAlgo Reviews

Does UltraAlgo Offer Trading Signals

Our community of users and algorithms generate thousands of optimized trading settings daily. In this video we demonstrate how to use those settings to improve your entry / exit of trades. Modify the frequency of reference to match the pattern of any stock leveraging the UltraAlgo Chart. This allows traders to apply more aggressive entry and exit points as indicators that align to each trading strategy. Parameters dynamically adjust along with the indicators relative to the period of reference (1-min period all the way through monthly ranges). Customers can choose to either reference the inputs listed on the charts provided, or leverage our genetic algorithm to optimize any chart. We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

Is UltraAlgo for Day Trading?

Yes - Our script applies to both interday and intraday trading patterns. Customers can modify the candlestick patterns to any time interval and range, the UltraAlgo script will them be able to be configured to identify algorithmic trading signals. We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

Are Trading Alerts Available?

Alerts can be setup across our strategies by following the tutorial listed below. The alerts trigger based off the definitions configured by the user on the chart. In effect, any signals displaying on the chart will trigger alerts and also record within the backtesting function. We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

Is There An UltraAlgo Trial Available?

Yes! Start with a 7-day free trial. We use this process because our goal is to make sure that every prospective customer has an opportunity to test the product in real-life trading without incurring any costs. For more information, feel free to visit our terms and conditions page.

How Do I Contact Support

Support is available 24/7/365. Our team is available for responding to any questions.

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Below are a few tutorials across the various platforms available for algorithmic trading.

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