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Indicators to simplify the Buying or Shorting process. Delivered alongside our tested strategy to help you avoid many costly mistakes. Cut out the noise, and identify the right time to execute a strategy.

Some of the considerations include Institutional Transactions, Relative Volume, VWAP, AO, RSI, Historical Performance, Bollinger Bands, MA Cross among many others. NEW! Select between various strategies with script weighting based on a combination of technical indicators. Modify the frequency of reference to match the pattern of any stock leveraging the TradingView Chart. This allows traders to apply more aggressive entry and exit points as indicators that align to each trading strategy. Parameters dynamically adjust along with the indicators relative to the period of reference (1-min period all the way through monthly ranges). Ultra signals translate the institutional trades into a customizable format which can be set and any multiplier. This allows traders to easily identify jumps in the stocks, which are usually indicative of Institutional / Insider / Market Maker trades. Backtesting also available with the ability to set profit targets and stop limits.

We recommend following the tutorial video listed below.

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