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Algorithmic Trading for Forex

Algorithmic trading across some of the best currency pairs within the Forex networks involve identifying patterns that deliver consistent returns based on multiple performance metrics. Trading across this asset class allows investors to manage risk through liquidity due to the large volumes of international trades.

To generate consistent performance, we utilize backtesting across Profit Factor (Gross Wins divided by Gross Losses) and Profitability (Percentage of Winning Trades relative to Total Trades executed). Most technical traders are less concerned on the overall fundamentals relating to the security. Volatility is a major consideration when reviewing performance, specifically as it relates volume and potential indications of institutional support in either direction. Though Forex cannot be directly manipulated due to the large volume of liquidity, our institutional markers can pin-point general inflows and outflows of funds across the market as a whole.

Below are a few video of currency pairs available through Forex exchanges. For the extended library of videos click here.

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